About Our School

Founded in 2002, Reinhard College offers innovative and comprehensive part-time programs in Music, Audio Production, Worship and Prophetic Ministry for people of all levels. Our school integrates academic studies and practical training across a wide range of disciplines. Reinhard College is dedicated to helping students develop the knowledge and skills required to perform, lead and create music in a variety of styles and contexts inside and outside a studio setting. While the curriculum is grounded in jazz and contemporary music, it also incorporates new and alternative approaches to musical understanding and creativity. Along with jazz, world music, contemporary repertoire, electronic and digital applications, our school is able to offer our students a great learning experience with the latest in technology that will help prepare them for what ever the world throws at them.

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise a new generation of true worshipers in spirit and in truth by providing the christian community with access to the highest caliber of music education programs, a nurturing and talented faculty, outreach programs that foster a lifelong appreciation of God and worship. Reinhard College offers a superior instruction and performance opportunities for interested students, in the belief that everyone has the potential to become a true worshiper in spirit and in truth, to participate in, enjoy, create, and develop a lasting love for God and the true meaning of being a true worshippers.

Our Vision

Reinhard College of Music aims to be one of the region's premier resources for providing joyful spiritual and artistic education experiences that promote excellence. Our school envisions that all of its programs will be given in an easily accessible, attractive and comfortable spaces that enable for maximum learning experience by both participants and teachers.